Ubisoft’s Epic Collector’s Editions

Ubisoft loves releasing tons of different special editions for its games, and this habit of the publisher can give a hard time for collectors. “Which edition is the right for me? Which offers the best value for its price? Where should I look if I like digital extras more, and what are the physical extras?” We will help you finding these questions, so don’t worry.

First, you should know that Assassin’s Creed Unity has a lot more different editions than Far Cry 4, so if you’re interested in the latter, you will have an easier time. For 59.99 EUR, Far Cry 4 Limited Edition will offer you various bonus missions worth of 60 minutes, and an exclusive weapon called “the Impaler”. For this price, it’s not bad, but if you want the most extras, you should definitely get Far Cry 4 Kyrat Edition. It has everything which a collector likes: a huge figurine, which features Pagan Min sitting on an elephant throne, a cool looking collector’s box, and various other extras, such as a travel journal and a map of Kyrat, so you will never get lost. However, if you are still looking for more, Far Cry 4 Ultimate Kyrat Edition awaits you, which also has the extras of the Limited Edition.

When it comes to Assassin’s Creed Unity, you can easily get confused. If you are looking for a cheaper special edition, you should choose Assassin’s Creed Unity Bastille Edition, which offers a good value for €69.99. You will not only get a steelbook, an artbook, official soundtrack and 2 lithographs, but also twi single player missions. Assassin’s Creed Unity Notre Dame Edition is pricier. For €89.99, it gives you more physical extras, like a 39, 5 cm Arno figurine. which looks really good. Assassin’s Creed Unity Guillotine Collector’s Case also has a figurine, which is not the same. However, it’s good to know that his version is only available in the Uplay shop, so you should go there if you want it. For those who want to get their copy from GAME, there is Assassin’s Creed Unity Revolution Edition. This version gives you extra missions and gears, a guillotine bottle opener, 4 shot glasses and az Assassin’s Creed themed beanie.