Awesome Video Game Tattoos for Guys

Videos games are ideal for passing time and challenging the mind. There is no better way for men to show their love for video games than have a tattoo of the games on their love. With every person having a tattoo of scary animals or signs, video games tattoos is a great way to show your allegiances in the games. Video games are becoming part of the modern society as they play a major role in unwinding the stress of the day. Picking a video game tattoo is a great way to show your love for the games. The results from video games are fascinating. A look at some of the 8 coolest video games inspired tattoos below show why they are now an ideal choice.


The ‘Gear of wars’ released in 2006 had a large following due to the popular protagonist Marcus Fenix. This game was liked by made creating a large pool of loyal followers. The tattoo above goes to express how detailed the game is looking stunningly great on the back of the body. Well, you can have the tattoo if love the game as it expresses your love for machinery. (Source)


The ‘Super Mario Bros.3.’ brings in great memories for those who loved this game in the 90s. The game captured many and there is no way of expressing your love for this game than have these brightly colored tattoos. (Source)


Did you love playing the ‘Mortal Kombat’ one of the longest running game with endless fights. Well, having this tattoo on the arm is a unique way to show the flawless victory you had in the game. The tattoo clears displays the love for different characters in the game with the Raidan, Ermac and Scorpion clearly appearing on the arm. (Source)


This is one of the cleanest game inspired tattoo one can have. The Triforce symbol is clearly imprinted on the back showing how iconic the game was. The weaving of the swords is a clear artistic work and a great way to show your love for this Legend of Zelda game. (Source)


Did you love the ‘Pokeman Red’ game? Well, the full colored tattoo of your favorite giant in the game clearly shows the love you had for the game. The fire breathing side kick in the game is clearly displaying as a way of showing your skills off to friends and relatives. (Source)


This is an epic and sprawling back tattoo that show your love and playing skills in the God of War game. The tattoo clearly displays the brutal savagery of Kratos in the game.


In the Street fighter, Dhalsim show his might when it comes to using his legs and arms to fight. This tattoo is clearly imprinted on the legs to fit with the leg move. This is one of the most unique game inspired tattoos one can have. (Source)


Well, the Super Mario Bros makes it to the top eight coolest game inspired tattoos twice with this cool inspired tattoo that has most of his rivals. The tattoo goes an extra mile to show the feeling of Mario in the game. There is a strange feeling that Mario knows what happened to princes Peach.